A study on the effectiveness of Chinese character component teaching for Indonesian elementary students to understand Chinese characters ——Take the students of the Happy Chinese World Language Course as an example

Chan Shih Ping, Cindy Angriani


With the gradual increase of China's political and economic influence in the world, the Chinese language has shown a momentum of rapid development. Today, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Chinese characters themselves are the most special element of the Chinese language and are considered the most difficult part of the Chinese language to learn. Therefore, an experimental study on the teaching of Chinese character components was carried out for junior students of the Jakarta Happy Chinese Tuition School.

The purpose of this study is to understand the effectiveness of Chinese character component teaching for Indonesian beginner students to understand Chinese characters, and the research type of this study is hybrid research, collecting relevant data to design a component teaching program for this experimental study. Design a set of pre-experiment tests and outcome tests before and after the experiment for comparison.

Through the results of the study, it is known that the basic situation of Chinese character components is not very ideal for the Happy Chinese World language course, and after teaching using component teaching, the students in the experimental class have significantly improved their knowledge of component teaching, and can use Chinese character components to guess the meaning and pronunciation of unlearned Chinese characters. In addition, you can learn which teaching methods and practice methods can be used, as well as the methods that students prefer. I hope this article can provide some help for teachers of happy Chinese tuition classes and classroom teaching using the same teaching materials, and also stimulate the fun of learning Chinese characters for Indonesian students.


parts; Component teaching; Component teaching methods

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