A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE STUDENTS’ INTERESTS OF INTERMEDIATE CHINESE COMPREHENSIVE TEXTBOOKS (Study Case of “Meili Hanyu Comprehensive Volume III” and “Developing Chinese Intermediate Comprehensive Course Volume I”)

Veronica Veronica


This article compares “Meili Hanyu Comprehensive Volume III” with the “Developing Chinese Intermediate Comprehensive Course Volume I”. The subjects of this research were the students of 2-1 classes and 2-2 classes of the short course of Guangxi Normal University. The purpose of this research is to understand students' interest in textbook topics and to know which topics are more interesting to students. The result of this research show that the topic of " Meili Hanyu" is rich and attractive, but this set of textbooks is more suitable for students studying in Guilin, because its content is relatively strong for Guilin. It may not be suitable for students outside Guilin. The topic of "Meili Hanyu" is much more difficult than "Developing Chinese". In addition, the intermediate students of Guangxi Normal University are interested in the topic of “Meili Hanyu”, especially about love and family.


teaching material; interest; comparative analysis

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