Pengaruh Identitas Tempat, Pemerekan Tempat Terhadap Citra Tempat Melalui Event The 18th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair 2016

Michael Christian


Nowadays, the sector of tourism is aimed to contribute siginificantly for the national gain
compared to other sectors in Indonesia. One of the most promising things on that sector is
event. Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia becomes the pulse of showing the small event
to the international scale. Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT) is one
of the international scale of event which contains the identity of handicraft in Indonesia.
Enjoy Jakarta as the brand of Jakarta has been increasing its branding through the qualified
places in Jakarta in order to make Jakarta as the city of event. This research aims to find the
impact of the place identity, place branding towards to place image. This quantitative method
which invloved 45 visitors of INACRAT results that variables impacts the independent
variable partially and simultaneouly. Next researches are suggested to use other subject such
as food festivals, the beauty contests, and the sport events in order to enrich the result
thorugh the other unique events.
Keywords: place identity, place brand, place image, INACRAFT

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