PENGARUH KEPUASAN KONSUMEN TERHADAP GETOK TULAR (Studi Empiris: Wisatawan Mancanegara Pantai Kuta-Bali)

Chandra Wibowo Widhianto, Henilia Yulita


Bali is a tourism that is recognized by the whole world in natural beauty and the thick
cultural richness. Kuta Beach-Bali is also one of the best ten beaches in the world
(Made, 2010). This research took the title "THE INFLUENCE OF CUSTOMER
SATISFACTION TO WORD OF MOUTH" (the empirical study: foreign tourists Kuta
Beach - Bali). The data analysis technique that is looking for a causal effect between
dependent variables and independent variables. Data analysis was conducted on 75
respondents who are worldwide tourists visiting Kuta Beach in Bali. The type of
research used is explanation associative. The results obtained by the correlation
coefficient (R2) of 0.865, which means that the influence of independent variables X
(word of mouth) to Y (satisfaction) is equal to 86% and the rest 14% influenced by
other factors outside the model.
Keywords: customer satisfaction, word of mouth

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