Symphony Akelba Christian, Jefvlin Jefvlin


Wushu, also known as Kung Fu, originated in China. After long-term development, Wushu can now be divided into Changquan, Nanquan, Jianshu, Daoshu, Gunshu, Nandao, Qiangshu, Nangun, Taijiquan, Taijijian, etc. Wushu has also spread to many countries, including Indonesia. Now there are 82 Wushu schools distributed all over the country, 15 of which are in Jakarta. In order to understand the current situation of Wushu teaching in Jakarta, we conducted a survey on 21 coaches, 93 ordinary students and 57 athletes from 10 Wushu schools. The survey results show that Jakarta Wushu coaches have rich teaching experience, and their professionalism and teaching level are also very good, the students very satisfied on this point. The curriculum and equipment of the Wushu schools have also met international standards. In addition, the Wushu school’s students mainly learned Nanquan, Gunshu, Changquan and Daoshu; the training time of  Wushu athletes is more frequent and longer than that of ordinary students.


Wushu; Jakarta; teaching situation

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