Juliana Juliana, Rosifita Rosifita


Chinese restaurant names have an important role for Chinese restaurants. In addition to indicating the “identity” of Chinese restaurants and distinguishing them from other Chinese restaurants, the name of Chinese restaurants is also one of the ways to attract customers, especially Chinese people who come to Jakarta or who know Chinese. Poor access to the Chinese restaurant name may also affect the customers' evaluation of the restaurant. Therefore, taking a good Chinese restaurant name is a noteworthy aspect for the Chinese restaurant owner. This research aims to understand the naming of Chinese restaurant names in western Jakarta and the aspects that are considered when the restaurant is named by the owner. In order to obtain more clear results, the author selected the Chinese restaurant in the West Jakarta as the research object, and collected 53 Chinese restaurant names, followed by special name, business type name and the common name, is divided into analysis, mainly to analyze the selection words or naming methods of each part. In addition, the author also interviewed 10 Chinese restaurant owners or naming people in western Jakarta. According to the analysis results obtained, it is found that the Chinese restaurant owners in western Jakarta prefer to use the name of the Chinese restaurant with only the “special name”. The most commonly used for the special name is the boastful naming method. In addition, Chinese restaurant owners also found that when they name Chinese restaurants, they consider the pronunciation and meaning of Chinese restaurant names, the location and mode of operation, the size of restaurants, the food they operate, and the names of Chinese restaurants in other restaurants to avoid similar names.


Chinese restaurant name; west Jakarta

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