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Nowadays more and more people are interested in learning Mandarin, because nowadays Mandarin is the second most important language in the world. Indonesia has also expanded its cooperation with China, so that now more and more human resources are needed, especially which are fluent in Mandarin. With these conditions, more and more people in Indonesia, especially students, are very interested in mastering this field of science. Like Indonesian, in Mandarin also has quantifiers or measure word, the Chinese words are more diverse. One of them is the individual quantifiers. Individual quantifiers are special measure words which only used for certain nouns, for example 纸
( zhǐ = paper ) using measure word 张 ( zhāng ) , 衣服
( yīfu = clothes ) using measure word 件 ( jiàn ) and so on. However, because Chinese individual quantifiers that are too diverse become a point of difficulty for students, causing students who are learning Mandarin are often wrong in using individual quantifiers. Therefore, I am interested in analyzing the mistakes of individual quantifiers of Bunda Mulia University students. I hope the results of this analysis can be useful for instructors of Mandarin, especially at Bunda Mulia University so that teachers know the weaknesses of students in using measure word, and also so that teachers can help students to avoid or reduce errors in using measure word .

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