Symphony Akelba Christian, Katie Sevilia Deigo


Chinese songs and movies have been popular in Indonesia and have been favored by Indonesians. Chinese movies, especially action movies, are very popular within Indonesians. There are still very few people who master Chinese in Indonesia, so Indonesian people are very rely on Indonesian subtitles when watching Chinese movies. The purpose of this study is to understand the translation strategies used in the subtitle and the problems that exist. This study analyzes the subtitle translation of main characters’ dialogue of the movies "Brotherhood of Blades", "Rise of the Legend", "The Assassin", "Bloody Destiny", "The Monkey King 2" and "My Beloved Bodyguard". According to the analysis, the most commonly used film subtitle translation strategy is paraphrase. The reason why paraphrase strategy is the most commonly used strategy is because the research object of this study (the dialogue of action films) mostly contains Chinese history, culture, and customs, so the translator must consider the most appropriate sentence to translate into the target language in order to let the meaning remain. In addition, the subtitle translation also needs to pay attention to word selection, conjunctive words, word order, polysemous meaning items, positive and negative form, plot and scene, cultural elements.


subtitle; translation strategies; translation; Chinese movie

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