THE DATA WAREHOUSE IMPLEMENTATION BY COMBINING KIMBALL AND INMON METHOD (Study Case In Data Warehouse Of Video Surveillance For Automated Teller Machine In Banking Industry)

Ozmar Azhari


Data warehouse is now the important parts of the organization, especially in Banking Area. Beside for the transaction issue the data warehouse can also be used in managing the transactional data which store by real time with the video surveillance in the Bank. Video Surveillance or known as CCTV ATM is used by Bank as the evidence when the fraud or other banking crime occurred. In this paper, the process of combining data warehouse method can also be implemented for transactional data in CCTV ATM. The Inmon approach is implemented in the development of Data Warehouse framework, while project scoping, and user requirement is based on Kimball. The transactional data first gathered via manual or automatic process via network, where the process begins with the ETL and staging to produce data mart, so data warehouse can produce the analytical report for decision making issue. Furthermore, one of Banking, which is regional development Bank, will become the model of implementation combination data warehouse related to the transactional data of CCTV ATM which gathered from the ATM.


Keywords: CCTV ATM, Inmon, Kimball, ETL, Staging, Metadata, Data Mart, OLAP

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